During recent years, air transport immersed all modern economic sectors. The time became an important factor. On the other side, aviation sector is modernized. It is the consequence of competition that the aircraft manufacturers devote themselves.

The third dimension of this phenomenon is the personnel using and servicing these airplanes.
If Tunisia is not actively involved in the manufacturing, it takes part seriously on the competition of air transport, thanks to the government support. Its economic system which is based on the excellence predisposes it there. A significant number of skilled personnel were trained locally and abroad.

The training abroad, where the number of centers is huge, is very expensive. These centers devote themselves a hard competition and secure the profit from foreigners training activities. We believe however that the training does include a qualified personnel and equipment. Moreover, a competency in every field and especially aeronautics does exist in Tunisia. The University College of Aviation & Technology (ESAT) was created and has the following assets:

  • Advantageous climate for the aviation training.
  • Skilled personnel and encouraging level of price and wages
  • A competitive training cost compared to Europe and elsewhere

These assets led us to undertake partnerships in the aviation training sector with China, France, Canada, and USA.
Our product is at the international level and is currently exportable everywhere in the world.
I welcome you a board !

The Founder 
Captain Abderrazek BEN AMARA