At the age of globalization, air transport is the most convenient to travel from country to country in the world

With it, you can now wake up the next morning in New York, Tokyo or Sydney! All around this giant of the sky that is the plane, hundreds of people working tirelessly from one end to another of the chain, to provide the best service quality to passenger

Working in the air is:
  • To be engaged in a dynamic sector,
  • To be exposed to the challenges of technology,
  • Emerge in an international context,
  • Act for the free movement of people.

If you dream of a career future-oriented and open to the world, in a sector that recruits at all levels, so join us!

Founded by experts in aviation, ESAT provides the aviation sector with well trained people having the skills that they need, through the a training program recognized and certified. Practical training through qualifications type rating and industry internships allows students to get professional experience while progressing in their curriculum.

  • Become the first platform for training and development of the aviation sector in Africa.
  • Develop trusting relationships with companies