Master in Telecommunication & Networks

The Master in Telecommunication & Networks is based on solid scientific and multidisciplinary knowledge’s in Networks and Telecommunications engineering. This curriculum gives great importance to the professional skills and hands on work in order to offer an immediately operational manpower for companies and Network operators able to adapt their skills to all specific technological aspects.

Graduates will have a deep knowledge’s in telecommunications, mobile networks, Voice over IP, multimedia and security in networks

At the end of this program, student can become a network expert, telecommunications systems developers or network administrators. They can work with OEMs, operators and companies using or deploying the Internet, mobile networks and web services.

They can work in:

  •  Engineering and system integration
  • System Design through deployment
  • Networks for companies (large groups and SMEs), public authorities, operators…
  • Administration, security and maintenance of networks and infrastructure…
  • Development of new solutions and new services related to telecoms and networking (web services on smart phones, including new applications of geolocalization for example …
  • Business consulting
  • feasibility study
  • telecom costs optimization
  • network architecture redesign
  • Possibility to pursue doctoral studies in Tunisia or abroad.