Licence in Refining of Petroleum & Petrochemicals

The Licence in “Refining of Petroleum and Petrochemicals” which derives from the mention “Engineering of Industrial Processes”, provides basic training which allows to prepare executives specialized in petroleum refining and other petrochemical industries (manufacture of polymers, fertilizers , etc.). Due to its nature, this specialty which is naturally linked to petroleum transformation processes is based on fundamental knowledge of process engineering and its applications. As a result, the basic academic knowledge revolve essentially around fundamental subjects of process engineering (physical chemistry, unit operations, transfer phenomena, reactors, etc.) and specialty subjects of refining and petrochemistry. At the end of this multidisciplinary training, graduates will have acquired basic knowledge which will allow them to work in the refining and petrochemical industries.

In addition, this training allows for detailed analysis of complex, multi-constituent, multi-phase processes, in order to propose new equipment and methods making it possible to reduce production costs and material losses while producing safer, faster and less polluting in the innovation / intensification of petrochemical processes.

Baccalaureate :



Computer Sciences


List of targeted jobs:

– Refinery operator

-consoler in refinery

-Fuel operator

– Refinery operator

– Outside operator / Refinery outside operator

– External operator petrochemical industry and energy production

Possibility to register in a Master or Engineering Cycle:  • Petrochimical• Process engineering•