ESAT is located in Tunis Carthage Airport area, within 5 min of the Airport and with access to highways, transportation (Bus and Metro). The facility includes:

  • Administrative work space.
  • An autonomous space reserved for the library.
  • An auditorium with 150 seats with necessary equipments.
  • 20 classrooms.
  • Two computer labs.
  • A laboratory for Electronics & avionics.
  • English laboratory equipped.
  • Airbus A320 and Boeing B737-NG FTD simulators for troubleshooting courses
  • An area reserved for recreational clubs and a local service reserved for technical documentation.
  • Teaching staff conference room.
  • Internet Access (LAN, and Wi-Fi)

The group also have a hangar at Tunis Carthage Airport for maintenance and training:

  • 10 Single engine aircraft
  • 1 Diamond Star DA42 Twin engine aircraft/
  • 2 Tecnam twin engines aircraft P2006T
  • 1 Simulator FNPT2 IR MCC
  • Design compliant with FAA FTDs up to Level 6
  • Design compliant with JAR-STD 3A up to FNPTII MCC and JAR STD 2A FTD 2
  • 100% avionics and systems functionality can allow training in normal, abnormal and emergency situations.
  • Seneca V, Seneca I, TB 20
  • 1 Simulator FTD B737-NG
  • 1 Simulator FTD A320