Licence In Geomatics Applied in Urban & Spatial Planning

Train licensees in the field of Geomatics, with specific skills in GIS (Geographic Information System), remote sensing and programming, for cartography and land use planning.

The objective of this license is to offer a solid theoretical training, technical skills and practical skills allowing future graduates a rapid and effective insertion in a field increasingly in demand and in full development.



Curriculum Presentation

The program in Geomatics is part of the guidelines adopted by ESAT, concerning training. It was designed according to a new framework for program development which requires, in particular, the participation of both academic & professional communities.The study program is defined by competence, formulated by objectives, structured in modules (Teaching Unit). It is designed according to a global approach which takes into account factors such as training needs, work situation, objectives, goals as well as strategies and means to achieve the objectives.In the program of study, the minimum skills that the student must acquire to obtain his diploma are set out and structured. This program should serve as a reference for the planning of training and learning as well as for the preparation of teaching and evaluation materials.
The duration of the program is six semesters (3 years), one part of the hourly workload is devoted to the acquisition of skills directly related to the professional aspect, another to the acquisition of broader skills and to general education (Language and legislation). The program is spread over 5 semesters and a semester for the Graduation Research Project . The average workload is 30Hrs/week during the 5 semesters.

Baccalaureate :



Computer Sciences


List of targeted jobs:F1107 – TOPOGRAPHIC MEASUREMENTSPhotogrammeter-topographerTopographer-Land Affairs OfficerSurveyor technician-Surveyor operatorBuilding topographer-Assistant surveyor


M1808 – GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATIONCartographerGeomatics AnalystGeomatics cartographerGeomatics specialistGeographic Image InterpreterGeomatics technicianPhotogrammetric restorer technicianGeographic information specialistSpecialist in geodesy and satellitesGeographic Information System Manager – GISGeographic operator

Possibility of registration in:-1st year Masters in Geomatics in Tunisia or abroad-1st year Geomatics engineering cycle in Tunisia or abroad