Preparatory Program


ESAT multidisciplinary engineers with strong scientific & technical backgrounds can ultimately work and lead projects of complex systems in an international environment, particularly in the field of Aeronautics.

Integrated Preparatory Program (2 years)

What is meant by “integrated preparatory classes”?

It is a cycle of preparatory classes particular to a school or a group of schools. In the case of ESAT, the preparatory classes are particular to the school. ESAT preparatory classes program is compatible to all engineering preparatory classes mainly for Math & Physics.

Admission Conditions:

Completed the Secondary High School Education in Science or Technologies fields (Holder of the Baccalaureate, SAT, or equivalent Diploma).

Graduation Conditions:

The move from the integrated preparatory cycle to the engineering cycle is on the basis of continuous assessment and final exams.

Registration procedure

Applications go through the ESAT webs site (Admission & registration process) or directly at the university registration office.

ESAT select students on the basis of the application form, interview and English level assessment.


Courses Scheduling

  • Basically for engineering studies: 900Hrs/year are required in our systems (contact hours)
  • Courses are scheduled per semester on the basis of:
    • 15 weeks/ semester
    • 1 week exams.
  • The weekly average load hours (Contact hours): 30 Hrs/week
  • contact hour represents the measure of scheduled instruction given to students and is dependent on the instructional format for the course.
  • Ex: One contact hour per week of lecture for 15 weeks equals one credit hour.
  • Contact hours should be calculated on aper week basis over a 15 week term with the 16th week scheduled for the final exam.


  • For each subject the average score is calculated as follow:
    • Tests, oral, teacher evaluation                                     40%
    • Semester exam 60%
  • Workshops final test evaluation are done at the end of each semester
  • Each workshop need to be validated in order to pass to the next grade.
  • Graduation global score ³ 10/20.