Engineering in Computing & Programming

Student who did finish successfully the preparatory program can start the engineering program which can be accomplished in 3 years minimum.
Three years to become a computer engineer, according to ESAT philosophies:

  • Mastering all aspects of what Computer & Programming Engineer need to be.
  • Acquire managerial aspects of an IT company.
  • Get the necessary backgrounds to succeed in one or more specific area.
  • Open up new opportunities at international level.

The objectives of the Computer Engineering program are to train engineers in order to be able to:

  • Understand technology and business issues,
  • Propose and build competitive & realistic solutions,
  • Work on complex problems,
  • Lead complex development projects from specification to final product.

Curricula Study Plan & Subjects Matrix

 Engineering Cycle- Year 1

Classroom Courses, Guided work, workshops

Applied Math


Computer Security

Networks & interfaces

Software & Programming Languages

Social Science & Languages

 Engineering Cycle- Year 2

Classroom Courses, Guided work, workshops

Theory & Models

Computer Networks

Advanced Systems


Multimedia & Expert Systems

Software Engineering & languages

Social Science & Languages

Engineering Cycle- Year 3

Semester 1 (14 weeks)

Classroom Courses, Guided work, workshops

Computer Systems

Distributed Systems

Real-time Systems

Information Systems

Software Engineering

Vision and Pattern Recognition

Start Up  & Languages

Semester 2 (16-20 weeks)

Graduation Research Project  (16-20 weeks Full time internship in the industry or Research Lab)